Trump attacks own party – and laments alleged billion-loss

Donald Trump will no longer be a fan of the Democratic Party in this lifetime. He blamed the political opponent during a cabinet appointment on Monday in Washington for a long list of transgressions. From open borders to drugs for all, his allegations ranged. But, according to the US president, it was a clear "but" that they were "malicious" and "held together."


To whom this message was addressed, it should be clear. From his own party Trump demands unreserved loyalty and obedience in view of a threat of impeachment. And if anyone in his own party did not understand that message, he sent in afterward, "The Democrats have no Mitt Romney in their ranks, they do not have such people."


Unusually much criticism came from within its own ranks


Trump attacked the Republican Senator from Utah, who had recently spoken openly against the behavior of the President. His attempts to use other countries for their own political benefits, Romney had described as "false and repugnant."


"Republicans must get tougher and fight," Trump continued. "We have great fighters, but they have to get tougher and fight because the Democrats want to harm us before the election and they succeed very well."


From his own party, Trump had last actually had to listen to not inconsiderable criticism. In the case of the Ukraine affair, the Republicans, with the exception of Romney, were extremely reticent. Trump's sudden withdrawal of US troops in Syria was also strongly condemned by party members. Even Trump's – now revised – decision to host the G7 summit in 2020 in a hotel of the Trump Group, was not well received in its own ranks.



Trump's Notable Statement of Loss


In this context, Trump complained on Monday about a corresponding passage in the US Constitution, which forbids the President to enrich himself in office. He called the corresponding entry ("emoluments clause") "phoney", ie "invented" or "fake". And anyway, he did not need the additional publicity due to the appointment in his own hotel, says Trump: "I get so much more publicity than any other person on this planet."


That assessment did not quite fit into another point that the US president put in during the meeting: he claims that spending time in office costs him a considerable amount of money. He lost between two and five billion dollars for his service to the fatherland, Trump said in the usual manner. "I made a fortune with my business, it went really well with me, I have a great corporation, I have the best real estate," said the president, who wants to head the Trump empire for the duration of his term. His acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney had only declared on Sunday, Trump sees himself still "in the hotel business."


The next round in the impeachment process is pending


In the coming days, Democrats want to interview more witnesses in preparation for possible impeachment. Among them the former top diplomats in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, who in early internal discussions had raised concerns about Trump's actions in the country.


There is a suspicion in the room that Trump may have withheld US aid to Ukraine in order to get incriminating evidence from Kiev about the possible democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.


Part of this accusation, Chief of Staff Mulvaney had conceded in front of cameras last round, only to deny his own statement shortly thereafter. After closed rows, as Trump calls them, that does not sound straight. According to insiders, the president is already looking for a new chief of staff.

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