Special licenses for cooperation: Trump apparently relaxes Huawei ban




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<p class= In Germany, users of Huawei's mobile phones are particularly affected by Trump's ban.

(Photo: REUTERS)


US President Trump prohibits his country's businesses from doing business with Huawei. Google will then block Android updates for mobile phones from the Chinese technology group. The US government could reverse that through the special licenses.


The White House apparently allows some US companies to do business with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies through a special permit. The government has taken appropriate action and signed special licenses, people familiar with the situation said.

Considering the upcoming further trade talks between China and the United States on Thursday in Washington, this could be considered an "act of goodwill be interpreted. In the spring, the US Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei and banned US companies from doing business with the Chinese. Even foreign companies that supply Huawei from the US are affected. For example, the German chip manufacturer Infineon had to stop some exports.

In the summer, US President Donald Trump rowed back after the G20 Summit stating that US companies should do business with Huawei as long as they do not endanger national security. In this case, the Ministry of Commerce will issue corresponding special licenses.

So far this has not happened. Further details on which US corporations now receive this license, was initially not to find out. The Ministry of Commerce said that there is currently nothing to report.

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