Several injured in Limburg: Justice considers truck incident as an act of terrorism





Several people are injured in a suspected traffic accident in Limburg. According to a media report, the investigators now assume a terrorist background. The culprit is to come from Syria.


The Attorney General Frankfurt classifies the truck incident in Limburg as a terrorist act. ZDF reports that, citing security authorities. The culprit is said to have come from Syria.

By late Monday afternoon, a man carrying a stolen truck in the city center of Limburg had run into eight cars and pushed them into each other. Seven injured were taken to hospitals, one was treated on an outpatient basis. The driver was also slightly injured.

At first, the police had not commented on whether it was an accident or an attack. There was also no information as to whether the driver, who had probably stolen the vehicle shortly before, commented on his motive or whether the truck left skid marks on the asphalt.

The "Frankfurter Neue Presse" quoted the actual driver of the truck: "A man pulled me out of my truck." When he waited in front of a red light, the stranger had torn open the driver's door of the truck and stared at him with wide-open eyes, the driver said. "What do you want from me?", He had asked the man. "But he did not say a word, I asked him again, then he dragged me out of the truck," the report said.

According to the newspaper, the man who crashed in the collision on the Steuer sat, first served by several passers-by. "According to the passers-by, the driver is said to have said" Allah "several times," a reporter reported.

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