Rock Hard – VOLBEAT: Rob Caggiano Declares Demolition of Belfast Concert


09.10.2019, 11:46

VOLBEAT explain in an interview the reasons for the termination of their appearance on October 2 in Belfast.

VOLBEAT guitarist Rob Caggiano explains in a video interview why they stopped their Belfast concert after just one song. Commenting on the French Loud TV, Rob Caggiano said: "Michael did not lose his voice, we had some technical difficulties, and if he had continued to sing with these technical problems, he would have broken his voice, and then we would have others Obviously it was a shit, but I do not think we're the first band to deal with that, I mean, that happens, it was out of the woods We love Ireland, we'll go back and fix it, but at that point we had no choice, really – we had no choice. "

The complete testimony of drummer Jon Larsen and guitarist Rob Caggiano you find in the video.


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