Rock Hard – OZZY OSBOURNE: European tour again postponed


09.10.2019, 19:13

OZZY OSBOURNE has to postpone its European tour, postponed to February and March 2020, for health reasons. Get well soon, Ozzy!

OZZY OSBOURNE has to postpone the European section of its "No More Tours 2" tour scheduled for February and March 2020 for health reasons. The former BLACK SABBATH announced this in a video on social media today. OZZY's statement reads as follows:

"I'm here today to update you on my condition, as you may or may not know, I had a bad fall early in the year I've had more screws and nuts in my neck than in my car, I'm not dying, I'm recovering – it just takes a bit longer than anyone thought it would take boring me to death after being in a fucking bed all day, can not wait to get my butt up and get started again, but unfortunately she would have to be a little more patient, I postpone the European tour because I'm not ready yet I'm not retiring – I still have concerts to play – but if I go back for the North American tour, I'd like to be one hundred percent ready to go out there And get rid of your damn stools. And besides, a new album is on the way. "

Like Live Nation Sweden write on Facebook, the new dates of the European tour will then take place in the first half of the year 2021. OZZY OSBOURNE also thanked crew and promoter Live Nation and Tour Support JUDAS PRIEST North America's No More Tours 2 Tour will be scheduled to be played in May 2020.

OZZY OSBOURNE had already postponed the postponement of all of them in April this year He was scheduled to premiere concerts of his tour in 2019. The cause was a fall of the former BLACK SABBATH frontman in his Los Angeles home while recovering from his pneumonia, which made some old wounds worse. OZZY eventually had to undergo surgery again because of the injuries.


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