Rock Hard – MACHINE HEAD: First interview with "Burn My Eyes" tour line-up online

10.10.2019, 16:00

MACHINE HEAD recently announced two new band members, guitarist Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka (DECAPITATED) and drummer Matt Alston (DEVILMENT), who also play the current part of the "Burn My Eyes" anniversary tour – along with original drummer Chris Account, guitarist Logan Mader, bassist Jared MacEachern and frontman Robb Flynn. We interviewed the six for the first time together.

MACHINE HEAD premiered their "Burn My Eyes" jubilee tour in Freiburg for the first time in our "Burn My Eyes" jubilee line-up in front of our camera and tell us below, among other things, how the joint rehearsals went, what qualities Sharing the band with good red wine and how it feels for Robb Flynn to be back on stage with Logan Mader and Chris Kontos.

Also, new guitarist "Vogg" reports how he prevailed against 20 competitors while Drummer Matt Alston elicits the role MTV played in his entry into MACHINE HEAD. And Jared MacEachern? He is quite satisfied with his role as a "New Age". See for yourself!


Mandy Malon

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