Prohibited financing: Bundestag punishes four parties





The German Bundestag imposes more than 150,000 euros on four parties. These have therefore passed on fractional funds to the parties. The trigger for the investigation was a report from the Federal Court of Audit. The greatest sinner named in it, however, remains impunity.


Four parties represented in the Bundestag must pay some juicy penalties for prohibited use of fraction funds. The biggest chunk is attributed to the left, which has to shell out 90,168.15 euros, as a spokesman for the Bundestag Administration said. Because of the same charge, the SPD has to pay according to the speaker 44,234.01 euros. The Greens are asked to pay 17,063.97 euros. Rather symbolically, however, the penalty for the CDU – the Christian Democrats have to pay 93.96 euros.

The sanction of arrest was preceded by a "comprehensive fact determination," said the spokesman for the Bundestag. Accordingly, there were initially allegations of the Federal Court of Auditors, to which statements of the parties were obtained. According to their analysis, "the party law review and the fractional financing law assessment" were concluded in September.

The Bundestag Administration therefore recognized violations of the ban on the donations of parliamentary groups to the four parties. The amount of the penalty is in each case three times the donation amount classified as unlawful. "Usually, these sanctions will be offset against the partial payments for the state partial financing of the parties," said the spokesman of the Bundestag administration.

FDP remains impeachment

According to a report of the "mirror", the unauthorized contributions were from the political groups to the respective parties already in the 2013 federal election year. The Bundesrechnungshof had examined the expenditure of the parliamentary groups represented at that time in the Bundestag.

According to the supervisory authority, all the political groups had used their funds "partly for illegal purposes": Union and Greens in "individual cases", SPD and Left in " several cases "and the FDP" to a considerable extent ", as the" Spiegel "quoted from the Court of Auditors' report. The AfD was not in parliament in 2013.

In many cases, the Bundestag administration ultimately came to a completely different assessment than the Federal Court of Auditors, as the "Spiegel" further reported. Accordingly, numerous penalties were incurred. The FDP, which, according to the Court of Auditors, had used tax money most heavily for party purposes, remained completely impunity.

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