News: Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Mietendeckel, Stefan Jagsch

Today we deal with the four detonators in northern Syria, with new farmer protests, with the Berlin Mietendeckel and a NPD-mayor.


The Terrible Four



If one had to name the four heads of state, which have caused Germany the most excitement in recent years they would all come up with these names: Donald Trump, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad his way. Then one wonders which dog-destiny driver has made sure that just these gentlemen decide on what will become of the Kurdish areas in northern Syria.


Trump who has withdrawn his troops from this region and now wants to regain control with a bizarre letter to Erdogan. Erdogan who wants to incorporate this region by force of Turkey. Putin who has a weakness for power games and wants to establish Russia as a power factor in Syria. Assad who wants to subjugate this part of the country again to his terror regime.


Four men and a powder keg. Everyone knows how to sparkle, and no one can be trusted to pursue any other interest than their own. Today, two of them, Putin and Erdogan, meet to explore how their respective interests can be reconciled.


Tracker Rebellion



I have a romantic relationship with trekkers. When I was on a farm holiday with my parents, I spent hours in the passenger seats because I thought that the farmer could only hold out if I could last. So with my help huge fields were plowed. Later, during an agricultural internship at the wheel of a tractor, I disassembled a conveyor belt in the barn while reversing. I was transferred to the pigsty and thought wistfully about freedom in the driver's seat.


Today is a day of trek, but it makes me feel rather uneasy. In many cities, Bonn's focus, farmers want to block traffic with their vehicles as did the recent environmentalists of Extinction rebellion in Berlin. This time the goal is more the reverse. The Peasants are protesting against the Agrarian Package of the Federal Government because it makes life difficult for them with new editions, especially the Action Program Insektenschutz and the Animal Welfare Label . Only Fridays for Hubraum, now the Trecker (with a lot of capacity) – the environmental protection is the big conflict topic of our time.


Law against outrage



The Berlin Senate wants to end the law on the rental cover today. Many rents can barely rise for five years, and some may fall. Of course, that does not fit into a liberal economic system, but it can only work if it is not abused. And in Berlin many landlords have demanded outrageous prices for apartments in recent years.


In the end, the Federal Constitutional Court will probably have to decide whether such an intervention in the market economy is permissible. But even the debate has its value. A few people have to understand that letting is a business with social responsibility.


Loser of the day …



… will hopefully be Stefan Jagsch today. This is the NPD man who was elected at the end of June to the mayor of Altenstadt-Waldsiedlung in the Wetterau, with the votes of CDU, SPD and FDP. There was no other candidate and Jagsch got the impression that he was somehow okay. In addition, he could write e-mails, which apparently is not a widespread ability in that local council. Then Altenstadt-Waldsiedlung was world famous.


Tonight the local council is trying to deselect Jagsch. A young woman from the CDU has found a place. She should be able to write e-mails.


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Her Dirk Kurbjuweit

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