Nasa relies on partners: Europe hopes to own moon astronauts





In 2024, the US wants to send astronauts to the moon again. But Europe is also expecting opportunities, because Nasa relies on international partners for the new moon landings. The Esa is confident.


The US space agency Nasa is open to international participation in its future lunar landing missions. "There's a lot of space on the moon, and we all need our international partners to fly with us to the moon," said Nasa boss Jim Bridenstine. However, agreements on the contributions of the individual states are necessary.

The head of the European Space Agency Esa, Jan Wörner, said that talks with Nasa were under way to bring European astronauts to the moon. This is of course the target of the Europeans.

So far only twelve astronauts on the moon

The first moon landing since 1972 targeted for 2024 would certainly only involve US astronauts, but restricted Wörner. European astronauts could follow later, around 2027 or 2028. The Japanese space agency Jaxa also registered interest.

So far only twelve US astronauts were on the moon. The United States is aiming for a return to Earthbird in 2024. A spacecraft named "Orion" and a mini space station named "Gateway" are to be used. Only one element of the mission is produced outside the US: From the ESA comes a service module for "Orion", which should deliver, among other things, propulsion, electricity, air and water.

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