Macron Announces Good News: Disease Fund Receives Billions Donation




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<p class= Together against three serious diseases: Singer Bono and President Macron.

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With nearly 14 billion dollars, the lives of millions of people are to be saved. At a donor conference, several countries agree to this aid. The money goes into the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


The US, Germany and other international donors have pledged $ 14 billion (about € 12.7 billion) in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria over the next three years. This was confirmed by the Global Fund to fight these three diseases in Lyon after the launch of a two-day donor conference. It now has the resources needed to save some 16 million lives.

France's head of state Emmanuel Macron, as the host of the meeting with around 700 participants, had already promised the billions in September. He said that $ 13.92 billion had come together. There should now be more contributions. "I can tell you correctly today that we will reach the 14 billion," he concluded. A spokeswoman for the fund confirmed that the 14 billion have already been reached. This target had been designated by non-governmental organizations as the absolute minimum. In 2016, a donor conference in Montreal had raised nearly $ 13 billion.

The largest donors are by far the United States, accounting for around a third. The US Congress has pledged $ 4.68 billion, the Global Fund reported. Germany confirmed the commitment of Chancellor Angela Merkel of one billion euros for the next three years. According to the government, Germany is the fourth largest donor to the Global Fund.

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<p class= On stage, French President Macron appeared with Amanda Dushime, a goodwill ambassador for the organization Grandir Ensemble.

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Development Minister Gerd Müller of the CSU announced in Berlin that in the countries where the Global Fund is working, the number of There are still a lot of work to be done – there are still 1.7 million new HIV infections every year, and young women and girls are the most affected if HIV infection is not detected in time and treated, the AIDS immunodeficiency disease develops.The Global Fund was launched in 2002 at the initiative of the G8 group of major industrialized countries and then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. 32 million lives have been saved since inception.

U2 singer Bono praises donor countries

Development agency One welcomed the outcome of the conference in Lyon. "Today's financial pledges will be critical in eradicating the three diseases by 2030." Several donors, including Germany, France, the US, the UK, Italy and the EU, had increased their pledges by at least 15 percent. The U2 singer Bono, who stood at the end next to Macron on the stage, said according to One: "Led by France's President Macron, the people here and now decided to win the biggest of all battles and to defeat the greatest killers, the humanity I call that historic. "

Macron was at the behind-the-scenes meeting to get even more promises. On stage, he appeared in the morning with 18-year-old Amanda Dushime, a goodwill ambassador for the organization Grandir Ensemble. "The next three to five years will tell if we win or not," he said, referring to the diseases. He claimed to increase the French contribution at the last minute to reach the target. US billionaire Bill Gates has also risen again, according to Macron.

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