Halloween: recipe for oven cheese with pumpkin and caramel pears

It is not enough that these days tons of packaging waste from the "trick or treat" plague ends up in the recycling bins. Even the flesh of the hollowed-out pumpkins, which is perfectly packed in its shell and absolutely sustainable, usually ends up being nasty in the bio bin.


With this we do not want to propagate the use of kitchens in the form of the pumpkin soup, which has long been hanging out of our necks. Because for the comparatively tasteless pumpkin-offal there are far more exciting uses.


This is how the pulp readily absorbs spicy companions – especially when it develops wonderful Maillard roast flavors with the help of added vegetable oils under high oven temperatures. The oven gourd is a preparation strategy that has not only since Jamie Oliver growing worldwide popularity. Even in today's hobby recipe for "oven cheese with pumpkin and caramel pears" he plays a central role: It tastes delicious and full, without increasing the amount of excess bacon.


Another protagonist of this meat-free dish is a raw raw milk Camembert, which we melt on the baking sheet between the pumpkin slices. No new idea – especially in France, there are hundreds of recipes to it. Some of the most interesting are by Guillaume Marinette.


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Halloween Recipe:
Oven cheese with pumpkin and caramel pears


The graduate of the Paris cooking school "Ferrandi", also known to our western neighbors as a TV chef, has come up with an entire book about baked cheese: "Oven Cheese – Brilliantly Simple Cheese Ideas from the Oven" slender French original "Fromage au four" rather bulky titled work that brings out surprisingly much from this small thematic approach in a pleasantly relaxed way.


When Camembert becomes a runner


Marinette arranges the recipes not by aisle, but by the cheeses used: Camembert, the Mont d'Or from the French and Swiss Jura, sold exclusively in spanking baskets, and other semi-hard cheese such as Reblochon or Bries. All in their ripe state at room temperatures running out of the packaging, they gain significantly in the oven aroma and flowing texture. So if you do not want to see the cheese running over the baking sheet when cooking (which is exactly what you would want in a hobby kitchen recipe), you should attach the spandrel lid as the lower limit. Or use an oven-proof bowl for container-bought Camembert, Bries and Reblochon.


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Guillaume Marinette
Oven Cheese – Ingeniously simple cheese ideas from the oven


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The flavor combinations in the book range from fruity like apple / armagnac, figs or morello cherries to hearty ham, pesto, sausage, mushrooms, bacon / onions and chorizo, to surprising pairings such as asparagus, tacos, duck breast, raisins or Dry tomatoes with hazelnuts.


Our combination of melted Camembert with pumpkin and pear is missing in the book, but acts on the palate just as conclusive, because the restrained sweetness of the caramelized pear cubes (even quinces are conceivable) forms a perfect contrast to the slightly bitter top note of the cheese. The pumpkin gets, if it is prepared here as lying on the plate, a slightly creamy texture that can be squeezed very nicely with the fork in the cheese. If you prefer to eat more and prefer to use the pumpkin for dipping, just cut the cracks a bit thicker and bake them upright.


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