Dr. Fred Abel resolves two new cases on TV

Based on the eponymous true-crime bestsellers of the renowned lawyer Prof. Dr. med. Michael Tsokos follow with "Zerschunden" and "broken" two new SAT.1 thriller of the 2018 successfully launched series. The two new cases involve Tim Bergmann as a forensic physician. Fred Abel increasingly personal in his search for two serial killers. SAT.1 shows "Tormented – A Case for Dr. Abel" on October 28 and "Broken – A Case for Dr. Abel" on November 4, 2019 at 20:15.

"Tear-A Case for Dr. Ing. Abel ": Fred Abel (Tim Bergmann), a forensic lawyer from the Department of Extremural Affairs in Berlin, is investigating a cruel series of murders that spread throughout Europe. The perpetrator lurks on defenseless women, kills them and scratched them the enigmatic lettering "Respectez Asia" in the skin. Skin particles under the fingernails of the first victim give an indication of a North African origin of the offender. The trail leads to Lars Moewig (Jarreth Merz), a friend and former Army Companion Fred Abel. While Lars' leukemia-sick daughter Nele (Emilia Packard) has only a few days left to live, her father is taken into police custody. The pressure on Abel increases enormously: The true perpetrator continues to murder, but Lars remains in custody until all suspicions against him are finally refuted. In order to relieve his friend and allow him a last meeting with his dying daughter, Abel himself goes on the hunt for an unpredictable killer – and thus in great danger …

"Broken-A Case for Dr. Abel ": For a very personal reason, Fred Abel's new case becomes a nerve-wracking race against time: the legal surgeon's return to the extreme crime department following a serious injury is under close scrutiny by police psychologist Mareike Kunert (Mariele Millowitsch). Abel's first case, a sexually motivated murder of a young girl in the darkroom of a Berlin club, is directly related to the disappearance of his two children Noah (Pablo Grant) and Manon (Joy Grant). The almost adult twins, of whom Abel had no suspicions for more than 17 years, are visiting their father for the first time in Berlin – crossing the paths of the "darkroom killer". Its trail leads the investigators into a brothel with inhumane methods in Belgium. In the meantime, Abel is frightened for his children and, with the help of his friend Lars Moewig (Jarreth Merz) and his partner Lisa Suttner (Annika Kuhl), uses all the means at his disposal to find them again – even against the regulations …

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