Directional Election in Canada: Forecasts see Premier Trudeau ahead





The Conservatives drive an anti-Trudeau campaign. The Canadian Prime Minister also provides enough attack points for his opponents. Nevertheless, his liberals seem to be regaining the strongest power in parliament, according to initial projections.


The Liberals of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have once again become the strongest force in the parliamentary elections in Canada, but have lost their absolute majority. That predicted the public TV broadcaster CBC. The result is that Liberals need governing toleration by smaller parties, such as the Social Democrats or the Greens. In 2015, Trudeau's liberals had won 184 seats in parliament and since then ruled with this absolute majority.

Already in the run-up to the race, Trudeau and his conservative challenger Andrew Scheer had a close race. Around 27 million citizens in the G7 country were called upon to elect new MPs. The deputies are elected by direct majority vote.

Scandals cause a stir

The balance sheet of the liberal government after four years is mixed. Although he has legalized marijuana as promised and has taken in more than 25,000 Syrian refugees in the country. However, he was unable to keep some of his electoral promises, such as an electoral reform or a balanced budget, until 2019.

In addition, Trudeau caused a sensation in recent months with scandals. Among other things, it was about an old photo of him, which showed him 20 years ago with a dark painted face – dressed as Aladdin – at a party. The Prime Minister apologized for his "racist" behavior.

Scheer also accused Trudeau of misleading the Canadian people about his true nature and cursing him for being a "cheater". Another major topic in the election campaign was the fight against the climate crisis: while the Conservatives announced their intention to reverse Trudeau's CO2 tax, the government had to put up a great deal of criticism from the left that the measures did not go far enough.

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