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Historical Background:
BUFFALO BOYS plays in the 19th century at the time of the Dutch occupation of Indonesia. The native population was first obliged to pay a sum; From 1830, farmers should also provide one-fifth of their land to grow certain crops from the government. In addition, they should also use their labor for a part of the year in favor of the government – an enormous burden on the people.

Between 1825 and 1830 there was a popular uprising in Java against Dutch colonial rule. The fighting killed more than 200,000 Javanese and 8,000 Europeans. It was not until 1949 that Indonesia officially recognized Indonesia's independence.

Against this background of cruel colonial rule, Mike Wiluan's action film is laid out and creates a sense of the dramatic historical situation. But he also offers a classic thrilling adventure story with typical Western motifs, which he also celebrates aesthetically.

The Story of Buffalo Boys Trailer:
The two brothers Jamar and Suwo are from the island of Jawa. In America, they have seen their future, but return home after a few years. The death of her beloved father forces Jamat and Suwo to do so. The two get to the root of the problem and find a murder on the track.

Ario Bayu, Yoshi Sudarso, Pevita Pearce, Sunny Pang, Zack Lee, Alex Abbad, Tio Pakusadewo Conan Stevens, Reinout Bussemaker, Alexander Winters, Happy Salma, Eric Cullet, Mikha Tambayong, El Manik, Donny Damara, Hannah Al Rashid, Mike Wiluan, Daniel Adnan

Mike Wiluan

Mike Wiluan, Raymond Lee, Rayya Makarim

Director Mike Wiluan was born in Singapore and has recently contributed to the harsh, critically acclaimed martial arts and action thrillers The Night Comes for Us and Headshot made to the increasingly popular Indonesian action cinema. He also coproduced both the international video game adaptation Hitman: Agent 47 and the romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians. BUFFALO BOYS is Mike Wiluan's directorial debut, for which he also wrote the screenplay. Thus, he created with his Eastern Western adventure, the template for his latest production, the HBO series Grisse, which also deals critically with the colonialism of the 19th century and the director Wiluan based on cinematic role models of spaghetti westerns as " Nasi Goreng-Western ". For BUFFALO BOYS, he gathered international action actors in front of the camera: Conan Stevens, known as "The Mountain" from Game of Thrones, has a physically impressive appearance; with Zack Lee and Tio Pakusadewo from The Raid 2 as well as Sunny Pang from The Night Comes for Us and Ario Bayu from Headshot professionals of the Indonesian action cinema enrich the ensemble.

Film Music:
Yudhi Arfani, Zeke Khaseli

Production Country & Year:
Singapore 2018



Ario Bayu Jamar
Yoshi Sudarso Suwo
Pevita Pearce Kiona
Sunny Pang [19459009 Leung
Zack Lee Koen
Alex Abbad Fakar
Tio Pakusadewo Arana
Reinout Bussemaker Van Trach
Alexander Winter's
Happy Salma Seruni Executioner
Mikha Tambayong Sri
El Manik Suroyo
Donny Damara Sakar
Hannah Al Rashid Adrie
Mike Wiluan Mango
Daniel Adnan Drost

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