Best of Travel by Lonely Planet: These are the Trend Goals for 2020

In first place, there has been a country that has made the residents' "gross national happiness" the most important goal of economic policy. Requested by visitors to spend up to $ 250 a day and committed to remaining carbon neutral, Bhutan is Lonely Planet's top national target for 2020.


The Australia-based travel guide publishes its annual rankings for countries, regions, cities, and places with good value for money. In addition to the Himalayan state with its approximately 825,000 inhabitants, England (opening of the completed long-distance footpath England Coast Path), North Macedonia, Aruba and Swaziland are on the list of countries of the "Best in Travel 2020" book.


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"Lonely Planet" list:
The best countries for 2020


The publishing jury of Salzburg ("Festspiele werden 100"), Washington DC, Cairo – and fifth place in Bonn – top cities. The former German capital makes it to the recommendation list, because it celebrates the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven in the coming year extensively and still radiates "the romantic atmosphere that inspired Beethoven". The top list book also celebrates Nordstadt with its trendy "boutiques, coffee roasters, craft beer pubs, and New Wave galleries".


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"Lonely Planet" list:
The Best Cities for 2020


Xiva, Samarkand, Sarasm and Osch are on the plan of a tour along the Central Asian Silk Road – ie countries like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. Among the regions, the former trade route is the number one destination for the coming year – better infrastructure and fewer visa efforts would make traveling easier. Brands in Italy, the Japanese Tohoku, Maine in the US and also the Croatian Kvarner Bay are also among the top ten regions. Holidaymakers in East Nusa-Tenggara (Indonesia), Budapest and Madhya Pradesh (India) receive a lot of money in particular.


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For their new bucket-list book, the publisher has decided to "pay special attention to tips and information on sustainable travel". This is not very easy for an international guide: From the point of view of the Australians, for example, other destinations are on the doorstep and are considered short breaks as for German tourists. The authors therefore explain what the objectives of the rankings are in terms of environmentally friendly measures in energy, transport, nature and tourism.


In addition, they resort to advice on "low emission on the move", "going local" or "learning from indigenous cultures", as the chapter headings are called. And discusses: "Should we all fly less?" Those who refrain from flying, opened up new horizons, writes the author of the chapter: train travel, windjammers, cycling and electric vehicles, for example, are CO2-saving alternatives. Examples include: by train through the Rocky Mountains in Canada or by electric car along the South African Garden Route, on the bus on the Great Ocean Road in Australia.


This shows once again that the eco-friendly travel is not so easy – because in order to reach the Canadian train, Europeans first have to board a plane. And yet many of the tips are helpful. They draw the attention of the "Lonely Planet" readers to new experiences and encounters that they can make off the backpacker routes, and encourage thinking about their own travel behavior ("Less selfies, more selflessness").


And maybe then in Germany, the former target group – the younger backpackers – for spots like Festspiel-Salzburg and Beethoven-Bonn inspire. Simply because they are at their doorstep. But maybe they prefer to fly – if they can afford it – into climate-neutral Bhutan?

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