After attack in Halle: Seehofer outraged with criticism of "Gamerszene"





The assassin of Halle had published a schedule before the act, which acts like a scripted version of a computer game. Federal Minister of the Interior Seehofer sees therefore also in the "Gamerszene" a cause for attacks like those in Saxonia-Anhalt. His criticism meets with vehement opposition.


Following the terrorist attack by Halle, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has sparked controversy with comments on computer game platforms on the Internet. "The problem is very high, many of the perpetrators or the potential perpetrators come from the gamers scene," said the CSU politician of the ARD. The program "Report from Berlin" distributed a corresponding excerpt from a video interview with the Minister via Twitter.

Seehofer emphasized that the problem was an "infiltration" of the scene. The author of the right-wing extremist attack on Halle with two dead had published a schedule before the act, which acts as a scripted version of a computer game. "Some take simulations almost as a model," said Seehofer. "You have to look closely to see if it's still a computer game, a simulation, or a covert plan for an attack, and that's why we have to take a closer look at the gamers' scene."

According to security authorities, extremists use different shades also gaming platforms. Since exchanges often take place without moderation, some of these forums offer communication below the radar of the authorities. In addition to access to encrypted messenger services such as telegram or signal, the Federal Ministry of the Interior has its forums in mind when considering a reform of the constitution protection law. The draft law amendment is currently the subject of discussions between the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Justice, which seeks to combine an extension of powers with more parliamentary scrutiny.

Mockery and Criticism for Gamerszene Criticism

The interview excerpt sparked ridicule and criticism. Users alleged that Seehofer distracts with his speech from the problem of right-wing extremism. "The nineties have called and want their Killerspiel debate back Seriously: Digital right-wing extremism is a huge problem," commented the FDP domestic politician Konstantin Kuhle. Rather, it's about communication on specific platforms. The author Mario Sixtus agreed on Twitter, that one must talk about gamers who celebrated right assassins. But he wrote: "If just this Minister of the Interior wants to focus on the gamers scene, it is at least obvious to assume he is doing this in order to keep the right-wing extremists on the street and in the salons as silent as before."

Felix Falk, Managing Director of the Bundesverband Game, said: "Actually, it should be clear to everyone that just as little as one can blame films and books for hate and violence, games and their community are less the cause than that a frightening problem with right-wing extremism in Germany. " The Green Bundestag member Renate Künast cautioned to prudence: "We should look at the problem in peace, and look closely and do not let us be misled by the word gamers scene of Seehofer. Also Youtuber Rezo, known for his video "The Destruction of the CDU" criticized Seehofer and accused him of not doing his job right.

The minister clarified his position on Twitter on Sunday: "We are currently exploring all facets of how to better combat right-wing extremism, and we see right-wing extremists abusing the Internet and gaming platforms as a stage for their illegal content. Whether analogue or digital: We want to fight right-wing extremists wherever they are active. "

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