47 Meters Down: Uncaged – FSK Release

Creature features is actually popular with connoisseurs of the horror genre. After all, one expects from them kills that are buzzing with blood. The new project 47 Meters does not seem to be that brutal. At least the new verdict of the FSK suggests that. Here you can find out which age rating the new horror movie was missed.

The image of shark horror movies has not been polished over the last few years. Films like Sharknado have hardly helped and continue to be considered a low budget. Nevertheless, after Crawl, the next entry in the genre is now 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. Anyone who has hoped for a bloody spectacle, will probably be very disappointed. Because the judgment of the FSK indicates a lot, but not on a brutal Splatter movie. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged gets an age release of just 12 years.

At the center of the plot are four young women who could hardly be more different. Nicole, Alexa, Sasha and Mia, but a common dream. They want to experience together a big backpacking adventure in Brazil. You should not miss a dive on the legendary coast of Recife. They even learn that there should be a hidden underwater ruin there. They enthusiastically set out to explore the tourist diving spot.

But as beautiful as Brazilian nature may be, it is dangerous too. Because the remnants of the sunken Mayan city are not uninhabited. Lurking in the depths are the most dangerous shark species there is. Shortly thereafter, a wild hunt takes place between the adventurers and the hungry animals. Through tunnels and narrow caves, the women have to somehow escape from the clutches of the sharks. They run out of oxygen and there is a deadly race against time.

47 Meters Down: You can watch Uncaged since October 10, 2019 throughout Germany in cinemas. If you want to see the trailer, then look under this text in our player. Just click to start the video.

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