Warm words for the fiancee: Jennifer Lawrence breaks her silence




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<p class= Jennifer Lawrence is happily in love and engaged, or is she even married?

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Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancee are said to have married secretly. The actress did not officially confirm that, but in a podcast she at least talks about the gallerist.


So far, Jennifer Lawrence preferred to be silent about her yearlong relationship with gallery owner Cooke Maroney. But now the 29-year-old expresses her public for the first time about her fiancé, even if she continues to reveal nothing about an alleged wedding.

In a podcast with US journalist Catt Sadler, Lawrence reveals she has never been to the point where she felt the need to marry. But then she met Cooke Maroney. Now the couple was allegedly seen in front of a registry office in New York – with signed marriage papers in their hands. And Lawrence should now even carry the surname Maroney. Serenity through Tranquility

While Lawrence does not talk about the supposedly completed marriage, she does tell how she was seduced by the quiet nature of her fiancé – or husband – even relaxed. "I used to panic before going to the bar or diner," Lawrence said, having been downright paranoid. "When I started dating Cooke, I wanted to look normal, so I really pulled myself together and was surprised myself," she continues. "I found myself last year." She continues to rave about him: "He's my best friend, so I want to tie him to me forever, and luckily there's the papers for that," she jokes.

Cooke Maroney is a successful art dealer and director the "New York City Gladstone Art Gallery". Exhibits include works by greats such as Richard Prince and Ugo Rondinone. The gallery owner also worked with Carroll Dunham, the father of "Girls" star Lena Dunham. He and Lawrence met and loved each other in the summer of 2018.

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