Along Came The Devil 2 Trailer

The Story on Along Came The Devil 2 Trailer:
Following the surprise reception of a disturbing voicemail, Jordan (Laura Wiggins) heads home for her home. She is looking for answers to find her alienated father and to clarify further open questions. A demonic power has seized and tied to the city. Nobody is safe now. The only person who seems to know something is Reverend Michael (Bruce Davison), who heads the parish of the small town.

Bruce Davison, Laura Slade Wiggins, Mark Ashworth, Cassius DeVan, Tiffany Fallon, Heather DeVan, Viviana Chavez, Kylie Delre, Nikki Tomlinson, Bill Barrett, Ahmed Lucan, Frank Brennan, Diesel Madkins, Troy Faruk, Tristan DeVan, Marc Collins, Olivia D Dawson, Natalie Saint-Martin, Kenneth C. Dunn, Jace Marsh

Jason DeVan

Heather DeVan, Jason DeVan

Jason DeVan

Technical info:
Production design: Jordyn Braaten; Film Editing: Evan Ahlgren; Casting: Ricki Maslar; Set Decoration: Jenna Winstead; Costume Design: Emily Erdelyan

Film Music:
Kevin Coughlin, Chad Lanier

Country of production & year:
USA 2019



Bruce Davison Reverend Michael
Laura Slade Wiggins Jordan
Mark Ashworth Mark
Cassius DeVan Xander
Tiffany Fallon
Heather DeVan Sarah Winbourne
Viviana Chavez [1 9459006] Officer Clark
Kylie Delre Police Chief Lane
Nikki Tomlinson Officer Jones
Bill Barrett Officer Isle
Ahmed Lucan Dr. Carrie
Frank Brennan Reverend Thomas
Diesel Madkins Geoff
[19459012TroyFaruk Officer Smith
Tristan DeVan [Tyler
Marc Collins Jack
Olivia D. Dawson Charlotte
Natalie Saint-Martin Nat [1 9459007]
Kenneth C. Dunn Sam
Candy store Boy

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